Tracer option-WRF v3.2

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Tracer option-WRF v3.2

Postby Santiago » Tue Sep 21, 2010 12:41 pm

Hi all, I´m a newbie on this world, but i´ve two specific questions.

First, i would know how can i activate the tracer option in the new version of WRF v3.2 without WRF-Chem. Is it posible?

Second, if this is posible where do i indicate the input data?

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Re: Tracer option-WRF v3.2

Postby yashar » Wed Jun 06, 2012 3:40 pm

Hi Santiago,

Were you ever able to figure out how to use WRF (with or without WRF-Chem) for tracer activation and transport?

I too would like to be able to emit a (passive, CO2) tracer in my domain, but I'm just not clear how
I would do this with WRF-Chem. My understanding is that it would probably involve the use and modification
of emiss_v03.F (for, e.g., WRF v3.3.1) in such a way that it skips the reading of the NEI data sets and instead fills the output array EM3RD(I,K,J,N). There doesn't seem to be any detailed documentation or examples/tutorials on exactly how to do this (?)

I think one would also need to set chem_opt = 13 or 14 in namelist.input .

Any ideas? Thanks.
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