Optmum number of nodes

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Optmum number of nodes

Postby chawas » Wed Oct 05, 2016 2:05 am

What will be the optimum number of nodes for running wrf.exe for two domains as shown by part of the namelist below.

time_step = 60,
time_step_fract_num = 0,
time_step_fract_den = 1,
max_dom = 2,
e_we = 508, 340,
e_sn = 463, 301,
e_vert = 30, 30,
p_top_requested = 5000,
num_metgrid_levels = 32,
num_metgrid_soil_levels = 4,
dx = 12000, 4000,
dy = 12000, 4000,
grid_id = 1, 2,
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Re: Optmum number of nodes

Postby kwthomas » Thu Oct 06, 2016 1:53 pm

There are no rules for the number of nodes, nor will there every be. All supercomputers are different. They have different core counts per node. They have different amounts of memory per node.

Here are some general rules:

o If WRF dies and doesn't say anything useful on why it failed, it is likely that the job OOM'd
(Out Of Memory). In this case, you obviously need more nodes.

o Use all the cores per node, if possible. Idle cores mean slower performance. WRF wll
do all the right things if nproc_x/nproc_y don't divide evenly into your domain, though
that doesn't work for me. The CAPS ARPS postprocess software requires they divide

o For best performance, nproc_x should be small. We're talking 4, 5, 6. 2 is too small. 3
will work, but may not be as efficient. This is based on testing on many different
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