WPPV3 runs but no griddat.out file!?

Questions relating to the use of the WRF Post Processor V3

WPPV3 runs but no griddat.out file!?

Postby serra » Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:06 am

I compiled WPPV3 and have all executables. I've set up the script run_wrfpost to run on a test data set of 3-hourly wrf arw output for 2 days. It seems to run but no griddat.out file is created so fort.110 is an empty link. I can't figure out how this file would be created from the lines in the run_wrfpost script since the link command is before the execution of the post-processor. Can anyone explain what this file is and why I don't have it?? I am still waiting for the post-processor to finish and then I will check the output to see if it is correct but I have not errors...

thanks, Yolande
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