NMM - Wind destaggering

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NMM - Wind destaggering

Postby francesco.pasi » Wed May 27, 2009 6:35 am

Hi all, I have noticed an unconvenient feature of the 10m wind fields. The following plots are form the destaggered grib files obtained with the wrf-postprocessing code.
Look at the following maps.


As you can see the wind contours (mainly those oriented N-S inside the black circles) are affected by a strange oscillation that seems to have the periodicity of the grid. :shock:

Please note that on the maps of the wind speed at 925 hPa the noise seems to be absent... :)


By looking at the direct model outputs nc files (using ncview) I noticed that all variables are affected by this feature mainly along the N-S dir. But after postprocessing only 10m winds still have the noise.
I think it could be due to an un-correct destaggering along one direction possibly in the 10mwind calculation subroutine.
Does anyone knows if the problem could be solved by calling the SUBROUTINE IPXETAS before the call to IPOLATES in COPYGB??? or something else?? :roll:
Thanks all
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