Namelist variable does not appear in WRF output

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Namelist variable does not appear in WRF output

Postby dakiesi » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:51 pm

Hello folks,

I actually did not want to just create another topic about I/O-handly of namelist variables in WRF, but I'm just stuck here.

My problem is that I need a namelist variable to appear in the WRF output files. I'm using WRF V3.8.1 in the idealized LES mode witht he 3D-TKE scheme which is controlled by the namelist variable tke_drag_coefficient (amongst others).
And this is the variable I need to appear in the output. By default, it is declared in the registry like this:

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rconfig       real    tke_drag_coefficient    namelist,dynamics max_domains    0.            h    "tke_drag_coefficient"       ""      "dimensionless"

First, I tried to look at the declaration of other variables that DO appear in the output such as "tke_adv_opt":

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rconfig   integer  tke_adv_opt            namelist,dynamics max_domains    1       rh    "tke_adv_opt"           "positive-definite RK3 transport switch"      ""

So i thought i just have to change the "h" to "rh", but this does not work.

I found a presentation of John Michalakes (NRL) and Dave Gill (NCAR) on "How to Use the WRF Registry" (just google it,first hit), but i do not quite get the way of makeing a namelist variable appear in the output since in the presentation only adding new namelist variables to the registry is discussed but not the I/O handling.

Maybe somebody can help me with my issue.
So to make it clear: My question is how to make the already existing namelist variable tke_drag_coefficient appear in the output files? (so i can see it in e.g. ncdump -h wrfout_d01_*)

Thank you in advance for any help, it is really appreciated

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