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WRF tutor wanted

Postby mudyos » Sun Jul 24, 2016 6:38 pm

Dear all,
I'm currently a meteorology Ph.D. student in the UK.
I am going to use WRF for some extreme case events and climate simulations in my research study area (Arabian). However, I don't have time to do that by myself from the web guide.
I am looking for somebody (tutor) in the UK, who has a good knowledge and experience in the WRF, to learn me and apply these events together, step by step and face to face. I am flexible to adapt with the cost of an hourly rate.
I am familiar with Linux, FORTRAN, CDO, and NCL, as well as, I have access to (WRF/v3.8) model which have been loaded in my University.
Kind regards,
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