apparent bug in module_mp_wdm5 & wdm6

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apparent bug in module_mp_wdm5 & wdm6

Postby wcwu » Fri Oct 29, 2010 11:42 am

<lines in module_mp_wdm5>
464 do k = kts, kte
465 CALL VREC( tvec1(its), den(its,k), ite-its+1)
466 do i = its, ite
467 tvec1(i) = tvec1(i)*den0
468 enddo
469 CALL VSQRT( denfac(its,k), tvec1(its), ite-its+1)
470 enddo

I thought the bugs are
1. VREC( tvec1(its), den(its,k), ite-its+1) should be VREC( tvec1(ite-its+1), den(ite-its+1,k), ite-its+1)
2. VSQRT( denfac(its,k), tvec1(its), ite-its+1) should be VSQRT( denfac(ite-its+1,k), tvec1(ite-its+1), ite-its+1)

It looks like something wrong but I am not sure if these bugs will eventually affect the results or not.
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