Soil and sea salt aerosols do not appear in the first layer

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Soil and sea salt aerosols do not appear in the first layer

Postby georgeg » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:42 am

Hello. I am using the RADM2/MADE-SORGAM mechanism and I noticed that soil derived (soila) and sea-salt (seas) aerosols do not appear in the first model layer. These cocnentrations look OK though at the second layer.

As a result, PM10* concentrations are very similar to PM2.5 concentrations over regions with low anthropogenic emissions at the first model layer.
* In MADE-SORGAM PM10 = PM2.5 + soila + seas + antha. Coarse mode aerosols from anthropogenic emissions (antha) are added in the first model layer as expected and can see them in the model output.

I tried to have a look at the code but everything looks OK. More specifically I am using dust_opt = 13 (GOCART dust emissions for the MADE/SORGAM mechanism in version 3.9.1) and seas_opt = 2. Both these mechanisms look to add emitted aerosols at the first model layer and not the second as I see in the model output.

Anyone has an idea why this might be happening?
George K. Georgiou
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