concatenating WPP output files

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concatenating WPP output files

Postby gsuscalo » Thu Jun 30, 2011 7:23 pm

Hello all,

I'm just wondering if there's anyone who has successfully converted the grib files created by the NCEP WPP into netcdf files, and then converted those files into a single netcdf file. I've tried several ways of doing this (ncrcat, ncecat, cdo cat) and each one of them comes up with a different error. For instance, when I convert the grib files to netcdf (with ncl_convert2nc) I get this warning:

warning:NclGRIB: Unknown grib parameter number detected (154, center 7, table version 130 grib record 255), using default variable name (VAR_154)

Then, when I try to make one netCDF file with ncecat, I get this error:

ERROR: nco_inq_varid() reports requested variable "VAR_154_GDS1_SFC_acc" is not in input file
ERROR: program exiting through nco_err_exit() which will now call exit(EXIT_FAILURE)
nco_err_exit(): ERROR nco_inq_varid()
NetCDF: Variable not found
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