ripdp_wrfnmm error

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ripdp_wrfnmm error

Postby robncyns » Thu Jan 08, 2009 3:21 pm

i'm not having much luck with ripdp for the NMM core. I'm using gfortran and gcc to compile and i see no errors in the make.out file but i continue to get an error running ripdp_wrfnmm. the error is as follows

At line 129 of file ripdp_wrfnmm.f
Fortran runtime error: Invalid argument

lines 126 to 130 are as follows
126 fname=rip_root(1:iendrr)//'/eta_micro_lookup.dat'
127 open (unit=36,file=fname,form='unformatted',status='old')
128 do i=1,3
129 read(36)
130 enddo

i've compiled RIP with gcc and gfortran both with and without Cray pointers thinking that may be it but it was not. i've seen a few posts of people using the NMM ripdp and who have been able to compile with no issues; could someone please help and throw me a bone?!?!?!

any thoughts or ideas?

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Re: ripdp_wrfnmm error

Postby kenimor » Wed Mar 07, 2012 11:51 pm

I will really appreciate if you could help on how to compile rip and to successfully generate ripdp_wrfnmm. I am using same compiler as you used but could not generate ripdp_wrfnmm and other two but was able to generate the other eight executable files.
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