UPP v1.0 ice output

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UPP v1.0 ice output

Postby ejm234 » Thu Sep 08, 2011 7:51 am

**Double posted in WPPv3 sub-forum**

I see that not many people are posting in this section, but just in case...

I've read the UPP documentations in the NMM Users Guide v3 and notes on the DTC website, but can't find anything relating to the issue I'm having.

Firstly, there are only two surface ice fields available in UPP v1.0, they are: Sea Ice Mask & Ice Thickness. My raw wrf output has fractional time-varying SEAICE values as expected, however, the UPP output (tested both the beta version and v1.0) of both sea ice mask & ice thickness (declared in the parm file with 3.0 precision and even on multiple levels) are constant zero. Given that I'm interested in ice concentration, neither of these two fields are ideal, but they should still have some data.

Could this issue be sourced to the UPP software? Has anyone else had unexpected constant zero fields in their UPP output?

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