WRFDA data assimilation over 1 month

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WRFDA data assimilation over 1 month

Postby Meteo_girl » Fri Jan 22, 2016 1:01 pm

Hello everyone. If anyone can answer me I would be very thankful.
I'm trying to assimilate satellite data over 1 month period. I'm not running the model on forecast mode, I'm running a hindcast simulation, continuously over 1 month period, and I want to run 2 times: one without data assimilation one with data assimilation.

Regarding these namelist options, can I set time_window min to my initial data, let's say, 2015-01-01 and time_window max to 2015-02-01? (1 month) From what I read I can't do that but otherwise I don't know how to set up my namelist, my wrfinput or anything else. Can you please please help me? anyone?






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