ad/wrfplus.exe ERROR -URGENT-

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ad/wrfplus.exe ERROR -URGENT-

Postby seyda » Thu Mar 03, 2011 2:52 am

I have run the tutorial case for 4dvar successfully and now I am trying to run it with my own data, my be.dat, observation and first guess files are ready. I run the wrf.exe in nl directory and also wrfplus.exe in tl directory. then while trying to run wrfplus.exe in ad directory I had this error message:

check date_string:an 1 2007-03-19_06:00:00
check date_string:an 2 2007-03-19_05:00:00
check date_string:an 3 2007-03-19_04:00:00
check date_string:an 4 2007-03-19_03:00:00
check date_string:an 5 2007-03-19_02:00:00
check date_string:an 6 2007-03-19_01:00:00
check date_string:an 7 2007-03-19_00:00:00
ESMF_ClockIsStartTime(grid%domain_clock ,rc=rc)= F
-------------- FATAL CALLED ---------------
input_wrf.F: SIZE MISMATCH: namelist ide,jde,kde= 250 175
28; input data ide,jde,kde= 31 25 17


And I also have some questions:
1) in ad directory must I link wrfbdy_ad01 to any file?
2) what are the af0* files which my auxinput3_d01_2007-03-19_0* files are linked?
3) how can I create af0* files in my working directory?
4) how can I create or what must I link to tl01 file?

I need to solve my running 4dvar problem as soon as possible, it's very important for me.

thank you for your help!
I am looking forward to your reply.

best regars,
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Re: ad/wrfplus.exe ERROR -URGENT-

Postby alexgc » Fri Jun 03, 2011 12:40 pm

the size of the grid, as specified in ad/namelist.input, is not consistent with the input file

I am not 100% positive about the following answers, but here goes:
1) I am not linking wrfbdy_ad01 to any file, the AD model doesn't require that. I think that is an output or intermediary file containing the boundary conditions for the adjoint variables
2) The af0* files are generated in WRFDA/var/build/da_minimisation.f, line 2581. they are NetCDF files whose content you can view with ncdump. they contain the adjoint forcing variable at each time slot where you assimilate observations.
3) start from da_minimisation.f and look at how THEY do it
4) tl01 is created by WRF-Var and it serves as initial condition for the TL model. link tl/wrfinput_d01 to it

see Huang 2009 for a description of the communication model of WRF-Var
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