Setting up the 3DVAR package within WRF.


Postby l33549 » Tue Jul 05, 2011 9:32 pm

i install WRFPLUS3.3 on ubuntu11.04 and got some errors.
i use "ulimit -s unlimited" before i compile ,still this error.
Anyone can help? Thx in advance. :cry:

pgf90-Fatal-/home/liujinqing/program/pgi/linux86/10.6/bin/pgf901 TERMINATED by signal 9
Arguments to /home/liujinqing/program/pgi/linux86/10.6/bin/pgf901
/home/liujinqing/program/pgi/linux86/10.6/bin/pgf901 solve_em_ad.f90 -opt 2 -terse 1 -inform severe -nohpf -nostatic -x 119 0x100000 -x 19 0x400000 -x 59 4 -x 15 2 -x 49 0x400004 -x 51 0x20 -x 57 0x4c -x 58 0x10000 -x 124 0x1000 -x 57 0xfb0000 -x 58 0x78031040 -x 70 0x6c00 -x 47 0x400000 -x 48 3328 -stdinc /home/liujinqing/program/pgi/linux86/10.6/include:/usr/local/include:/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/gcc/i686-linux-gnu/4.5.2/include:/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/gcc/i686-linux-gnu/4.5.2/include:/usr/include -def unix -def __unix -def __unix__ -def linux -def __linux -def __linux__ -def i386 -def __i386 -def __i386__ -def __NO_MATH_INLINES -def linux86 -def __THROW= -def __extension__= -def __SSE__ -def __MMX__ -def __SSE2__ -def __SSE3__ -def __SSSE3__ -idir ../dyn_em -idir ../dyn_nmm -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/external/esmf_time_f90 -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/main -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/external/io_netcdf -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/external/io_int -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/frame -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/share -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/phys -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/chem -idir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/inc -idir /home/liujinqing/program/netcdf/include -freeform -x 125 2 -i4 -vect 48 -x 53 2 -freeform -moddir /home/liujinqing/program/WRFPLUS/main -x 124 0x8 -x 124 0x80000 -modexport /tmp/pgf905SgcR9YcmVWH.cmod -modindex /tmp/pgf90bSgcdRQ5lxiF.cmdx -output /tmp/pgf90XSgctJEYi_Zo.ilm
make[2]: [solve_em_ad.o] error 127 (ignore)
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