ATMS data reducing noise

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ATMS data reducing noise

Postby kristen » Mon Oct 12, 2015 11:00 pm

Hi all,

I had a question bothering me.I want to assimilate ATMS data in WRFDA,and the ATMS data are sampled more densely, with a smaller footprint but larger noise.I'v read some of the literature describes the method to remove noise,and WRFDA assimilation system includes a de-noising process,I mean if the is about the method to remove the noise,which method is used?And whether in my assimilation process has been completed the process of de-noising, or need a parameter in the namelist.input to control whether or not to remove the noise ,like the USE_ATMSOBS,when USE_ATMSOBS=TRUE,ATMS data is to be assimilated otherwise USE_ATMSOBS=FALSE it is not to be assimilated.

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