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PostPosted: Mon Sep 12, 2016 7:57 am
by jacobgarcia11226765
Hello :D !

Me and my research group are trying to change the land use used in wrf for metro manila. I am new to this and we previously used the 30s USGS landuse, where metro manila is seen as an urban area only which is true; however we further divided it into residential, industrial, informal settler areas, forests, parks, etc. It has 27 categories. It was given to me in shapefile format.

How do I go about inputing the shapefile into the geogrid?

Now, first do I edit the geog files like landuse 30s? Are the geog files binary? Which file do I edit first? Also, with changing that one blob of urban area into 27 categories, how do I do the editing of this?

I am also confused as to how to do this just urban area without affecting the rest of the landuse 30s data from USGS.

Would also need to edit each of these files for each new landuse category added? such as:

NUDAPT44_1km albedo_ncep clayfrac_5m greenfrac greenfrac_fpar_modis hangl hanis hasynw hasys hasysw hasyw hcnvx hlennw hlens hlensw hlenw hslop hstdv hzmax islope lai_modis_10m lai_modis_30s lake_depth landuse_10m landuse_5m landuse_2m landuse_30s landuse_30s_with_lakes maxsnowalb modis_landuse_20class_30s modis_landuse_20class_15s modis_landuse_21class_30s nlcd2006_ll_30s nlcd2006_ll_9s nlcd2011_can_ll_9s nlcd2011_imp_ll_9s nlcd2011_ll_9s orogwd_2deg orogwd_1deg orogwd_30m orogwd_20m orogwd_10m sandfrac_5m soiltemp_1deg soiltype_bot_10m soiltype_bot_5m soiltype_bot_2m soiltype_bot_30s soiltype_top_10m soiltype_top_5m soiltype_top_2m soiltype_top_30s ssib_landuse_10m ssib_landuse_5m topo_10m topo_5m topo_2m topo_30s topo_gmted2010_30s varsso_10m varsso_5m varsso_2m varsso

Thank you so much for any help you may provide us,
Hoping for some help!