NAM or GFS in real-time runs?

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NAM or GFS in real-time runs?

Postby cyclone6 » Sat Apr 27, 2013 4:15 pm

Are there any considerations in choosing whether to use NAM or GFS data to initialize real-time WRF runs (other than the fact that NAM is only available out to 84 hours while the GFS is available out to 192 hours)? There is also the fact that GFS is a global run, whereas NAM is basically N. America.

It would seem like the NAM may offer better resolved parameters such as T and soil temps since it has finer domain spacings. (I have seen this in temperature forecasts for Alamosa CO..the NAM initialized WRF certainly appears to better capture the winter time extreme cold in the San Luis Valley.)

But are there any obvious advantages or disadvantages to choosing one data set over the other?

Thanks much!
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