SST update from ocean model

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SST update from ocean model

Postby ivicaj » Thu Oct 25, 2012 10:55 am

Dear users,
I am trying to make sensitivity run using the latest v341 of WRF ARW with standard way of (constant during the run) SST over the sea, and one when I use SST from the ocean model and input it into WRF. There is an engine for that, sst_update=1 and auxinput4 available inside WRF, so wondering if someone has cookbook for that?

SST time scenes from ocean model (in netCDF format) -> into WRF ARW not only in init but using it during run

I have netCDF file with SST from ocean model, covering period of WRF ARW run, for the nest domain (d02) only, hence not for the parent d01 grid, in that sense I can not use it for both grids. Is this constellation even possible?

Thanks in advance,
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