Having problems running the WRF Preprocessing Sysmte (WPS)?


Postby mojgan » Wed Apr 25, 2012 8:50 am

Dear all,

Unfortunately, I made a mistake and lost all my run ( ./clean ), such as WRF and WPS. I had to configure and compile again.
1- After configuring and compiling WPS, the ungrib.exe was not created, what should I do to create ungirb.exe? The geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe are exist.
2- Also after compiling WRF, in WRF/run directory I have real.exe and wrf.exe in blue color but Ideal.exe is in red color, Is there problem?


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Re: ungrib

Postby jan » Wed Apr 25, 2012 1:06 pm

With "./clean" you can not loose all your runs, you just deleted all your configuration structure and .exe`s. Check the compile.log file for error messages why ungrib has not been created.
Nobody knows what the colors, which you see on your screen, mean! This is a setting you did on your computer. It could be something regarding the rights you have for the files or if they are executable or not.
I suggest, you read the User´s Guide more thorougly and / or do the online tutorials:
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Re: ungrib

Postby alainaketh » Wed Oct 05, 2016 11:26 am


When compiling WPS it can happen that not all the executables (geogrid, ungrib and metgrid) are created. This could be because the configuration chosen to compile WRF or WPS may not be the correct one.

Try compiling WRF again, making sure that you choose "dmpar" from the options and then configure it for the em_real option. Then compile WPS and make sure that you choose "serial" if you're not running simulations over large domains, otherwise choose the "dmpar" option as well.

(I am talking about the sections "Building WRFV" and "Building WPS" from the tutorial here: http://www2.mmm.ucar.edu/wrf/OnLineTuto ... torial.php)

If after that you still don't have the executables then I'd recommend to simply start installinf the WRF model from scratch.

Hope this helps,

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