Ungrib problem

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Ungrib problem

Postby fertinaz » Tue Nov 29, 2016 10:52 am

Hi everyone. I am rather new to WRF. Hopefully this is not something already discussed in this forum, I could not find any similar thread as far as I could check.

I get the warnings below when I run ungrib:

Name of the source model =>unknown model from NCEP GRID 255
Name of the source model =>unknown model from NCEP GRID 2

Anyone can briefly describe what is source of those warnings?

Following information regarding my setup might be relevant:
    I ungrib levels and surfaces separately by changing the ungrib prefix in the namelist.wps
    I linked Vtable.NNRP
    WPS version is 3.7
    WRF version is 3.7.1
    OS: CentOS 7.2
    Libs: jasper-1.900.1 libpng-1.2.50 mpich-3.0.4 netcdf-4.1.3 zlib-1.2.7
    Ungrib files: pgb.f00 and grb2d files downloaded from NCEP/NCAR Global Reanalysis Products

I also found that the message is implemented in ungrib/src/rd_grib* files
Code: Select all
map%source = 'unknown model from NCEP'

However I cannot seem to understand what is the exact reason to it?
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