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WPS 3.7 installation problem

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:55 am
by imdnme
I am trying to upgrade WPS from 3.5.1 to 3.7 on Scientiffic Linux with gfortran and gcc (serial).
First set the environment variables NETCDF, JASPERLIB, JASPERINC (as I have the libraries from the previous installation), then run configure and selected option 1.
The problem comes when trying to compile:
**** Compiling WPS and all utilities ****

make[1]: Entering directory `/home/angie/WPS/geogrid/src'
gfortran -o geogrid.exe cio.o wrf_debug.o bitarray_module.o constants_module.o module_stringutil.o geogrid.o gridinfo_module.o hash_module.o interp_module.o list_module.o llxy_module.o misc_definitions_module.o module_debug.o module_map_utils.o output_module.o parallel_module.o process_tile_module.o proc_point_module.o queue_module.o read_geogrid.o smooth_module.o source_data_module.o \
/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/frame/module_driver_constants.o \
/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/frame/pack_utils.o /home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/frame/module_machine.o \
/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/frame/module_internal_header_util.o \
-I/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/external/io_netcdf -I/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/external/io_grib_share -I/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/external/io_grib1 -I/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/external/io_int -I/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/inc -I/home/angie/netcdf-libs//include \
-L/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/external/io_grib1 -lio_grib1 -L/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/external/io_grib_share -lio_grib_share -L/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/external/io_int -lwrfio_int -L/home/angie/WPS/../WRFV3/external/io_netcdf -lwrfio_nf -L/home/angie/netcdf-libs//lib -lnetcdff -lnetcdf -lgomp \

parallel_module.o: In function `__parallel_module_MOD_parallel_start':
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0x232): undefined reference to `mpi_init_'
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0x249): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_rank_'
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0x260): undefined reference to `mpi_comm_size_'
parallel_module.o: In function `__parallel_module_MOD_gather_whole_field_i':
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0x555): undefined reference to `mpi_recv_'
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0x5cc): undefined reference to `mpi_recv_'
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0x78b): undefined reference to `mpi_recv_'
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0x999): undefined reference to `mpi_send_'
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0x9ec): undefined reference to `mpi_send_'
parallel_module.f90:(.text+0xb75): undefined reference to `mpi_send_'

Re: WPS 3.7 installation problem

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:07 am
by winash12
Whenever you encounter undefined references while compiling a program think first of the linking options.
For this specific problem those mpi references are unresolved. You will need to find out within the appropriate makefile what the linking options are and add the linking options to the makefile.

Re: WPS 3.7 installation problem

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 4:29 am
by imdnme
But why does it need mpi when compiling serial? I only have OpenMP.
The previous WPS 3.5.1 was compiled with no errors. The only difference in configure.wps between the two versions is -lgomp here:
Code: Select all
WRF_LIB         =       -L$(WRF_DIR)/external/io_grib1 -lio_grib1 \
                        -L$(WRF_DIR)/external/io_grib_share -lio_grib_share \
                        -L$(WRF_DIR)/external/io_int -lwrfio_int \
                        -L$(WRF_DIR)/external/io_netcdf -lwrfio_nf \
                        -L$(NETCDF)/lib -lnetcdff -lnetcdf -lgomp

I tried adding -lgomp in the new version, but no effect.

The Makefile in geogrid (where the error occurs) is absolitely indentical to that of version 3.5.1 and it gets the linking options from configure.wps, so I still have no idea what and where to add.

Re: WPS 3.7 installation problem

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:40 am
by imdnme
I made a step back, looking into WRF installation. In my old version 3.5.1 configure.wrf had an additional flag (probably put by me last year) -fopenmp
Code: Select all

With this correction compiling WRF and then WPS works out fine.

Re: WPS 3.7 installation problem

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 1:16 am
by gauravtiwari
Hello community,

I've installed WRFV3.7.1, netcdf, jasper, zlib, MPICH and pnglib and made variables
So I'm trying to compile WPS. geogrid.exe and metgrid.exe was successfully generated but there wasn't ungrib.exe in compile.log

I am the beginner in model installation, please someone reply and try to fix my problem ASAP.