Building WPS Ubuntu 12.10 -lwrfio_int

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Building WPS Ubuntu 12.10 -lwrfio_int

Postby wintermute » Tue May 21, 2013 9:13 am

Hi everybody!

I'm trying to build WPS under Ubuntu 12.10 x64 with a PGI compiler.

The build finishes with errors that prevent the creation of geogrid.exe, metgrid.exe and int2nc.exe.

The problem seems to be tied to lwrfio_int

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/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lwrfio_int

He correctly looks for -lwrfio_int in the WRFV3/external/io_netcdf directory, but in that directory there's no such file.

That's why I checked the compile.log for WRF-ARW-CHEM (I compiled WRF-ARW with the CHEM core), and that's what I found:

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pgf90 -w -Mfree -byteswapio    -I../../frame -o module_io_int_read.o -c module_io_int_read.f
PGF90-S-0017-Unable to open include file: mpif.h (module_io_int_read.f: 105)

an error that leads to:

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ar: creating libwrfio_int.a
ar: module_io_int_read.o: No such file or directory
make[3]: [libwrfio_int.a] Error 1 (ignored)
ranlib libwrfio_int.a

It seems that the PGI compiler has issues with mpif.h. Any clue?

Thanks in advance!
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