Server Side Permissions for installing WRF

Installing the WRF Preprocessing System

Server Side Permissions for installing WRF

Postby Barb » Wed Mar 27, 2013 12:32 am

Hello there,

There's a friend of mine who's wanting to test install WRF (not sure about the version) over my server space. What I'm trying to understand is if there are certain special permissions essential to run the system over a live environment? And what is the volume of server resources required ?

Would appreciate if someone could help me with this.

Thanks in anticipation.

P.S.: Fyi. I'm using aVirtual Private Server services in UK with 1Core CPU, 1.5GB RAM, 30GB Disk, 400GB Bandwidth,CentOS6.2. I also have a couple of other applications and 3 websites running over it already. Would installing WRF affect the performance of these ?
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