DS083.0 DataSet

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DS083.0 DataSet

Postby nischal » Tue Mar 31, 2009 1:24 pm

I am trying to use Ds083.0 data set from http://dss.ucar.edu/datasets/ds083.0/data/. The geogrid and ungrib ran pretty good, but metgrid.exe is creating problem. I have been getting the following error. has anyone please give me some hint?

Processing domain 1 of 1
Processing 2002-01-01_00
WARNING: Field PRES has missing values at level 200100 at (i,j)=(1,1)
WARNING: Field GHT has missing values at level 200100 at (i,j)=(1,1)
WARNING: Field SOILHGT has missing values at level 200100 at (i,j)=(1,1)
WARNING: Field PSFC has missing values at level 200100 at (i,j)=(1,1)
ERROR: Missing values encountered in interpolated fields. Stopping.

Thanks in Advance
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Using DS083.0 data

Postby belgaroo » Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:46 pm

I am having a similar problem running this data with em_real

I have encountered the following problems;

1) Soil layers
2) Real.exe failures (on openmpi systems)
3) Real.exe failures (on MPI compiled systems)
4) Some others Ihaven't pinned down

Has anyone had success with this data, please share you experiences.

I am using Jan 2001 data, em_real and the basis of the namelist.input.4km setup.

Please advise! :oops:
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Re: DS083.0 DataSet

Postby dcvz » Mon Nov 02, 2009 7:31 pm

The ds083.0 data are stored as hemispheric data. ungrib doesn't combine the two hemispheres into a global grid. You are better off using ds083.2 (1 deg global grid) or ds090.0 (2.5 degree global, NNRP) data.

That said, the currently released WPS Vtable.GFS should ungrib the data properly. g1print.exe will list the fields in the grib file. Then you can match the printout with the Vtable to make sure you get what is in the data file.
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