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tstlist does not match wrfout

PostPosted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 10:50 am
by emilyp

I am using tslist to produce a time series at a point in my model, here called "Lukla" or "luk". However the tslist data doesn't match up with the wrfout file data. Does anyone know how the tslist interpolates to a point? It looks like it just takes the variable at the ix, iy points given in the luk.d04.TS file.

Graphs of the U, V and T comparisons at the 5th model level, and the surface 2m air temperature are here

I have tried some surrounding points to see if it might be an interpolation problem. I have also tried different vertical levels (although don't think this is the problem as the surface values are also wrong). I have looked at different variables at different heights, and also some other locations. As the values are a few degrees or m/s they are unlikely to be useful for model validation.

Thanks to anyone with any ideas!