I use vortex-following but d02 center is not exact TC center

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I use vortex-following but d02 center is not exact TC center

Postby juliechang890059 » Mon May 08, 2017 9:29 am

Hello all,
I am doing nested 2 domain(18/6km) ensemble forecast for 40 members,
and domain 2 for all members are vortex-following.
But I found that the domain 2 center of each member is not at the same position as the TC center of each member(I've checked MSLP and 850GPH, so it is not because of tilting).
The most strange thing is, all members' domain 2 shifts to northwestern region of members' TC center.
https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0PU4K ... sp=sharing
(Please see the figure. I am sorry if it is still hard to understand my question...
blue + are members' TC center, green o are members' d02 center, and each pair of TC center and d02 center is connected by a blue line; red solid circles are d01 grid points; red circles are d02 grid points)

Here is how I specify the vortex-following option in my namelist:
vortex_interval = 50000, 20,
max_vortex_speed = 0, 40,
time_to_move = 50000, 0,
corral_dist = 0, 5,
track_level = 85000,

I have no idea with this problem.

I would appreciate any help that anyone has. Thanks a lot in advance!
Julie Chang
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